Michael Price

Web Development, UI/UX Design, Programming, SEO and More!

About me

A Little About Me

I hate photos of myself but here's one.


Hi, I'm Michael. I'm an 18 year old web developer.
I've been into web development and general programming for a few years now and my passion is forever growing.
Apart from my love for programming and web, I also enjoy learning and building things related to high voltage electricty. I also enjoy biking, swimming in the ocean and spending time with loved ones (See, I'm not a complete robot).

My Work and Projects

Seekers Emporium

2019 - Present

Seekers Emporum is a company I direct along side Jasmine and Niall.
Seekers Emporium is an online store selling pretty much everything you could think of.
Jasmine and I design and maintain the technical side of the website (The code, web design) along with managing the social media and Niall handles the sales and talks to the suppliers.
The whole system works quite well! Make sure to check it out (And maybe buy some stuff?)

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Aug 2019 - Present

My adventure with MoMac started when I sent them an email asking for some career advice. I needed to know whether to stay at High School or persue web development further.

When I showed up, we talked for a bit and I walked out with a job offer which was awesome! I didn't even expect a reply to my email, let alone a job offer butI'm so glad I got it. Working there I've learnt so much so fast. They're a great team and I love working with them!

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Octane Web Development

Dec 2018 - Aug 2019

During 2018, I tried to find a nearby job in Web Development. I found a few places but I couldn't manage to get a job doing what I wanted.
That's when Jasmine and I had the idea of staritng a business selling websites. It was small, we only sold a few but it really helped me learn a whole lot about web development and business in general.